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When Life Gives You Lemons . . . Top Tips To Tincture!

Usually taken by dropping a few drops under the tongue, not everyone is a fan of the taste (even when flavored) or the texture of CBD tincture. But all is not lost and no-one needs to miss out on its goodness . . . It is still easy to enjoy all the wellness benefits of tincture by getting a little creative and infusing it into your daily diet. So don’t be a sour puss . . . On those days when life gives you lemons, make it into an organic, lemon-flavored, CBD tincture kind of day!

1. Rise and shine! We always tincture first thing to start our day right, and one of our favorite ways is to add it to our daily cuppa joe. There’s something about that first cup of coffee while reading the morning news, before going out and seizing the day. Adding a dropper of tincture adds the right amount of ease! It can also be especially effective when we’re fasting intermittently, and might need a little wellness boost through the morning to calm those hunger pangs.

2. Just add water! If you’re taking a break from caffeine and prefer to start your day with a soothing cup of warm, filtered water and fresh lemon, just add tincture. While lemon juice is acidic outside of the body, its effect is alkalizing once metabolized by the body. Add a little CBD and you have a vitamin C-loaded, cell boosting, cleansing beverage, that aids digestion and provides a difficult environment for bacteria and viruses to inhabit, in addition to all of CBD’s goodness.

3. Fancy a cuppa? If tea is your preferred beverage, a dropper of CBD in a cup off Earl Grey tea with a slice of lemon and a teaspoon of honey, is refined relaxation any time of day. Alternatively, add a dropper to chamomile tea before bedtime for a relaxing, cozy night of sweet dreams.

4. Flu-busting? It’s an old English wives tale, but we swear by it . . . A new take on the Hot Toddy! Make a cup of warm filtered water and add plenty of freshly squeezed lemon juice and lemon slices. This combination (as mentioned above) is a vitamin C-loaded, cell boosting, cleansing beverage, that aids digestion and provides a difficult environment for bacteria and viruses to inhabit. Substitute a dash of Tabasco or hot sauce for the traditional measure of whiskey to replace the “heat” (the spice will get your blood moving) sweeten with a teaspoon of honey (known for its miraculous medicinal properties), add a dropper of tincture, and stir. Sip before bedtime and be prepared to sweat a little through the night (your body heat releases toxins and the Vita C gets to work). It won’t kill a cold, but we have found it to alleviate symptoms, and make feeling under the weather a little less miserable.

5. On a liquid diet? Tincture is a good addition to any smoothie! Put a cup of frozen raspberries and blueberries, half of a ripe banana, a cup of spinach, 8 oz of coconut water, and a teaspoon of Greek yoghurt in a blender, with your preferred protein powder or supplements and blend. Once liquefied, add a dropper of tincture, stir, and enjoy the satisfying goodness.

6. Feeling juicy? Juicing is a great way to feed body and mind, and when mixed with cold-pressed juices flushed full of organic fruit and vegetable goodness, our tincture shines! It’s a great addition especially when we’re doing a grueling, 5-day cleanse to flush out the nasties . . . Your cells will be buzzing with all the good stuff.

7. Stimulate your salads! Add CBD tincture to your favorite salad dressing to give it a boost. Our tinctures partner well with many flavored dressings from balsamic to Italian, or make your own. For a traditional French dressing, mix a little olive oil, white wine vinegar, fresh garlic, a teaspoon of Dijon mustard, a sprinkle of Herbs de Provence, and a dropper of our lemon flavored tincture in a bowl. Whisk briskly and serve over a delicious, chopped vegetable salad with grilled chicken, or a Salad Nicoise for a sophisticated, Mediterranean twist.

8. Let’s go for a dip! Tincture is great mixed with many dips, but we love it drizzled in hummus, served with baked pita chips. Another winner is adding it into guacamole and serving with warm tortilla chips. Our lemon-flavored tincture naturally infuses deliciously into both.

9. Happy Hour without the hangover? Then try a delicious, CBD mocktail. Because CBD tinctures are alcohol-based, they mix more readily into beverages, so you get to enjoy every last drop. CBD tinctures are often likened to bitters in a cocktail and are good to balance and highlight other flavors in a drink. Our favorite? A Bloody Virgin Mary Jane, substituting vodka for our organic, lemon tincture. Cheers!

10. Go wild! There are so many great ways to enjoy your daily dose of CBD tincture, so use your imagination in the kitchen . . . It can be added to many different recipes, making it a great addition to sauces, soups, deserts, and beverages galore! Get creative and experience all the easy and delicious ways you can incorporate it into your daily life, and have fun with it!

11. Good tips to know. CBD in full spectrum, tincture format loses its effectiveness when heated. That means when adding it to your warm dishes, always prepare and cook them before adding your dosage of tincture, making it the very last step before serving. When it comes to dosage, we advise following recommended instructions. We have strengths ranging from 500-3,000mg, and if you’re new to CBD oil, we suggest starting by taking less to see how your body reacts, and then gage personally what works best for you. Listen to your body. It knows what you need.

So you see, it’s not always bad when life hands you lemons . . . You just need to add your CBD!

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