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The CBD, Holiday Break-Up, Survival Guide!

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

Every year my friends and I get really excited as the holidays approach and like little kids with the promise of Santa, light up like Christmas trees at the thought of celebrating the “happiest time of the year.” But the reality is that we all invariably end up stressed out before Thanksgiving even arrives, with Christmas looming behind it and New Year’s right on its tail! Our life is not where we thought it would be and we’re burned out after a tough year . . . We’re caught up in family drama . . . Our job’s not going well . . . We’re financially stressed . . . Or worse yet, we just got dumped!

Nothing preps you for the joy and festivities of the holidays like a relationship sinking faster than the Titanic weeks before. And yes, I have heard that pre-holiday break-ups are in fact quite common, but for this girl, nothing spells colder than the promise of Christmas and New Year’s with the man she loves suddenly disappearing from her life. The season and all its magical joy loses its spirit, and all I want to do is hide in bed with my dogs.

But with two weeks to go before Thanksgiving and the start of Christmas, I need to emotionally get my act together, and my groove back on fierce and fast! To give you the set up, there’s been little sleep or food in the last week, many tears have been shed and anxiety has raged at all time highs. My poor body is wrecked, my mind exhausted, and my heart weary – this was not a kind or expected break-up - but it’s time to rebuild from the ashes so to speak, and use this opportunity to create my best self ready for a new decade! Is it a tall order to authentically turn this around, and push myself through the pain to reach the Holy Grail of a happy Thanksgiving that quickly? Possibly, but as my Grandmother would say, “You can do anything you set your mind to,” and it’s now time to adopt that discipline. Anything has to be better than how I am feeling and I refuse to go through the holidays being sad at the sight of Santa, or depress everyone around me by being the dreaded Debbie Downer in the room. Wah, wah, wah!

What I know is that I have to get the basics established . . . Sleep, diet, working out, and getting my anxiety under control. My two crucial assistants (being in nature and meditating) need to be immediately deployed, and I have to keep myself busy and moving forward while being present to my healing process. And absolute clarity is essential, which means sobriety. I have cried with my friend Tequila for the last seven days in an effort to numb the pain, but now must face the music head-on to really gain the maximum growth from this experience and move forward.

Before I do anything else, my first action is to connect with my core crew . . . Friends and family who genuinely appreciate me and immediately gather round to protect their girl with love, pearls of wisdom, constant cheerleading, and to remind her of who she is and what reality is. These people will form the basis of your healing foundation, so reach out, catch up and make plans.

As I begin this process, my current symptoms include regular anxiety, insomnia, and a bad case of the blues . . . So not like me (my Mom says I was born laughing). I’m not into chemicals or any kind of pills, but need a little help and something non-toxic, non-habit forming, and non-mind altering, that can gently help take my edge off while I regroup.

For me, this is the perfect time to utilize CBD and see if it can help me with the internal stress I am experiencing. I already know how it has changed my life externally by the daily application of topical ointment or lotion to an area of severe injury and pain; have noticed that when I take tincture orally, I seem calmer and more able to handle life’s daily challenges, and can also gently fall asleep when dreaded sleeplessness occurs.

Current symptoms include:

· Anxiety

· Stress

· Depression

· Insomnia

· Loss of focus and easily distracted

· Loss of appetite

Can CBD handle all of this?

The chosen CBD Cure products to test-drive through this recovery are the 1,200mg CBD Cooling Balm, 1,000mg CBD Tincture, 25mg CBD Cooling Lip Balm, Assorted Sour CBD Gummies, CBD + Vitamin C Gummies, CBD + Melatonin Gummies, CBD Chewing Gum, and CBD Water. Within this selection, I am covered for any and all possibilities.

Ok, it's time to get this (CBD) "party" started!

Feel the burn!

Go to the gym and focus your emotions and adrenaline into a big workout. Do this each day post break-up, and safely push yourself further everyday (especially when you want to cop out and only do 10 reps!). Pay attention to every area of your body, and intentionally harness the energy burned and the time to yourself during your workout, to process thoughts and move through upset. At the same time you’ll be releasing a flood of endorphins to positively drown out the negative vibes. Get your headphones on, your heart pumping, and sweat it all out, then hydrate and flood yourself with replenishing, water wellness. And very soon watch how good you start to look . . . Always a great confidence boost to see your hard work paying off, and an awesome incentive to go further!

CBD Cure products used: Water, Cooling Balm, Cooling Lip Balm.

Clean house!

Detox from the stress and anxiety you have just encountered and are still experiencing, and embrace this as a good time to do an entire overhaul. Switch to a vegan or alkaline diet, make a point of incorporating a daily, low-sugar smoothie loaded with greens, antioxidants, and supplements, or do my favorite and go hard core, with a 3-5 day juice cleanse to really flush your body, remove toxins, and enrich your cells with nutrient-rich, plant-based goodness. In the process you’ll gain absolute clarity and calm once you have removed all of the chemicals, additives and other nasties from your overloaded system. Drop a few drops of tincture into your daily juice, sit back, and feel the zen flow through you.

CBD Cure product used: Tincture.

Get out of your head - it’s a dangerous neighborhood!

Go outside and take time to recharge in nature. You’re going through an intense change charged with heightened emotions, and heading outside to take silent time and regroup is crucial to your wellbeing. Head to a large body of water to meditate. Like the saying goes, "Breathe in the good s**t . . .Breathe out the bulls**t! Go to the ocean to recharge from nature's source of cleansing, negative ions, or head into the mountains for a great hike, find a lake, and be surrounded by nothing but open sky, trees and flowers. Be present, feeling the breeze and hearing nothing but leaves blowing, crickets chirping and birds singing. Bask in the beauty of nature and soak in its magic, realizing how lucky you are to be here and experience it. At the same time, get present and realize how little you really are in the big scheme of things, and therefore how little your current problem is. Amazingly grounding.

CBD Cure products used: Water, Assorted Sour Gummies, Cooling Balm, Cooling Lip Balm.

Search your soul!

Going deeply inward and reflecting is critical . . . Whether your break-up was easy, respectful and as kind as possible, or harsh, cold and confusing, now taking deliberate, quiet, focused contemplation is necessary to heal all wounds. This will include releasing blame from yourself or your ex, and allowing yourself to grieve the loss of something you thought meaningful. It also helps get a realistic gauge on why and who you were in the relationship, will give clarity to your responsibility within its break-down, the space to identify where you are now and the direction you would like to go in. Find an inspiring place to empty your mind, breathe and get present . . . Find a great app and listen to it whenever you need a positive reminder (Abraham Hicks is always my go-to), or go for an intense power walk and burn calories while you calm your mind, center yourself, and set deliberate intentions. Commit to this and in doing so, commit to yourself and your well being . . . Whatever form of meditation you choose, consider it essential to your daily, healing process. Let meditation be your medication!

CBD Cure products used: Water, Tincture, Cooling Lip Balm.

Feel the fear and do it anyway!

Do something you have never done before . . . Something that challenges and in some way makes you feel uncomfortable. This will not only take your focus and push you through a fear you have (great for self empowerment), but also harness your adrenaline and any remaining negative emotions, channeling them to good use. My chosen activity was to go to a gun range and shoot guns for the first time. To the average American, not such a big deal, but coming from a country with no gun culture (our policemen are called “bobbies,” carry batons and ride bicycles), I had to come face to face with my fears handling a machine that kills people. It was an intense, exhilarating, nerve-wracking, strangely empowering experience, requiring all of my courage, focus and discipline. I kept my cool, hitting my targets well, and yes, now officially feel like an all-American girl! Annie Got Her Gun . . .

CBD Cure products used: Water, Tincture, Vitamin C Gummies, Cooling Balm, Cooling Lip Balm, Chewing Gum.

Love yourself!

Take some alone time to show yourself the TLC you deserve, and pamper yourself with an at-home spa night. Light candles, play your favorite music, and relish in the opportunity to have some much-needed, personal space. One idea? Exfoliate that pain and your old skin cells away with a DIY scrub that can tighten, tone and smooth, while leaving skin hydrated and glowing. A coffee scrub is easy to make and use on both face and body. Packed with anti-oxidants, this thigh and booty, cellulite-buster is always feel-good as beyond silky smooth, radiant skin, you’re also busting those dimples, especially if you have followed Tip 1 and been in the gym! Here’s the recipe so you can get your glow on . . .

· ½ Cup of coffee grounds (used or fresh)

· ½ Cup of brown sugar

· ½ Cup of melted coconut oil

· 1 ml (1 dropper-full) of 1,000 mg CBD tincture

Smooth over target areas (remember to not scrub your face too hard) in circular motions, and rinse off with warm water. Take a clean, cool, wet flannel and gently apply to area, before covering in hydrating lotion or a luxurious, serum or oil. Dab on some moisturizing lip balm, take your melatonin, and call it a good night.

CBD Cure products used: Tincture, Cooling Lip Balm, Melatonin Gummies.

Give of yourself.

Put your energy and intention into someone or something outside of yourself that needs it. Totally switch your focus from yourself and deliberately channel your attention to be of service, without needing anything in return. Help a neighbor, help a stranger, help a friend . . . Stand in their shoes, and shift your perception on life to another's point of view . . . Make a difference . . . Donate your time to a non-profit (my choice is dog rescue, of course) . . . Giving to others, is for sure one of the fastest ways to give back to yourself!

CBD Cure products used: Water, Assorted Sour Gummies, Cooling Lip Balm, Chewing Gum.

And finally . . .

Have a light at the end of the tunnel!

Plan a really special experience that will give you something to look forward to, and focus on during this journey. Choose something that will be meaningful and make your soul really happy, then get excited about how you’re going to feel doing it at the end of all of this. You'll find me on a swing in the rain forest in Bali . . . Just please don't come looking for me!

As we come into Thanksgiving tomorrow, I can honestly say that I am for the most part through it. Yes, there are still occasional heart pangs as I genuinely cared about the guy, but thankfully less and less each day. By New Year and welcoming 2020, this heartache will be a thing of the past and I will usher in a new decade of love, happiness, and possibility with an excited and thankful heart. Between my sheer determination to move through this healthily and quickly, and taking CBD, which has seriously and exponentially taken my edge off at my most anxious times, I am firmly on my way forward and am really grateful. However, no one is an island, and I have been supported and guided through this process by a small army of family and friends. You find out whom your people are when the chips are down, and it’s always a beautiful surprise to learn who’s got your back and loves you. So in closing this article, my hugest gratitude is for them because they have held my hand and walked me through this . . . With a little CBD!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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