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Naughty Or Nice?

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

Dearest Santa,

Hi, how are you doing? It's been a while, and I hope you're keeping your cool through your busy season!

As I write this letter, I am looking back on the last year and whether I have been honestly “Naughty” or “Nice.” For the most part, I know have been nice, working hard, being responsible, practicing service to others, and giving a lot of love to those I encounter along the way. As usual, a good girl for the most part!

As for naughty, I think we all know by now that I am far from perfect, a total work in progress, and by admittance, completely human at times! My heart is always in the right place and I always have the best of intentions, but sometimes when I am really stressed, I can get my knickers in a knot! In those moments I also compromise my health, allowing stress and inflammation to permeate my cells, temporarily altering my physiological make up, and that's not good either!

The truth is that this year has been hugely challenging at times, but existing 2019, this is a great time to make some healthy, new habits and choices to take into the new decade! This leads me to my wish list . . . Santa, please can you help a girl out?

This year I have no need for more “stuff!" And as much a girl can never get enough purses, heels, lingerie, or pretty cosmetics, I am actually good on all of that! What I really need though, Santa Baby, is CBD, and lots of it please! There are a few really great products that have helped me this year, and if you could find a way to sneak them into my stocking, I promise to be a really good girl in 2020, and like Justin Bieber, work on all my shortcomings!

All the products contain premium, full spectrum, organic, hemp-derived CBD, so you know I am making good choices! Please, pretty please, may I find the following waiting for me on Christmas morning?

750mg CBD Tincture

Santa, you have no idea how much this has helped me recently. Through some really challenging life-changing moments . . . In facing my fears . . . In getting a good night’s sleep when insomnia hits . . . In gently helping me calm myself during some stressful moments so that I can focus, it’s been my little miracle worker. The organic, Lemon flavor is my favorite . . . You should definitely keep some in your workshop!

CBD Cooling Balm

Santa, remember that horrible neck/shoulder injury I sustained a couple of years ago? And all the OTC pain pills I have had to take to kill the daily pain? Thanks to this little wonder, no more! Infused with 1200mg CBD, eucalyptus, camphor, menthol, and an exotic blend of essential oils, it penetrates deep into my muscles, relieving my most stubborn aches and pains. And I can actually workout again! It’s perfect at relieving any physical strains and tension after an intense gym session, leaving me in a great space to get on with the rest of my day. Btw, after lugging around that heavy sack of toys on Christmas Eve, you should ask Mrs Claus to rub a little on those big shoulders of yours . . .

CBD+Melatonin Gummies

Sleep has been a bit challenging lately, Santa, and sometimes I just can’t close my eyes and shut my mind off. I toss and turn for what seems like forever, getting more and more tired and frustrated! These CBD Vegan+Melatonin Gummies have blissfully changed that, as with one delicious, Strawberry-flavored candy (with 250mg of CBD and 2.5mg of Melatonin), I gently ease into a little feel-good “Night night!" You actually would love these for your long snooze, post Christmas . . . Definitely some sweet dreams!

CBD Cooling Lip Balm

Santa, during those moments when I am in need of a little TLC, out and about on-the-go, consumed in meetings, or home chilling with a movie, this luxurious lip balm is a handy bit of feel-good! Handcrafted with exotic plant oils, plants, and 25mg of organic, full spectrum hemp-derived CBD, it is comfortingly hydrating and soothing. Best of all, with it's tingly sensation upon application, my cells are rejuvenated, boosted, and my lips left lickably luscious! I could slather it on all day! Definitely keep this in your pocket when you’re out making your deliveries!

While I’m on your radar, could you possibly leave a couple of gifts under the tree for my family, Santa? I don't mean to be demanding, but these amazing Bundles will be appreciated, and keep on giving to my loved ones long beyond the holiday season!

Relief Bundle

Santa, for my Mom, who will have just arrived from the UK and have sore muscles and jet lag, this Relief Bundle is perfect! With 30 ml of 750mg CBD Tincture, 550mg Cooling Balm, and 150mg Cooling Lip Balm, she’ll be refreshed and back on her feet in no time, plus have all she needs to comfortably withstand her long journey home after the festivities!

Comfort & Joy Bundle

This Comfort & Joy Bundle would be great for my sister, Santa. She’s a personal trainer and nutritionist, so she’s careful about what she puts in her body and is always on-the-go! With 30ml 750mg CBD Tincture, Vegan+Melatonin CBD Gummies, Vegan+Vitamin C CBD Gummies, delicious Assorted Sour CBD Gummies, and refreshing, mint flavored, CBD Chewing Gum, she’ll have convenient, sweet, comfort and joy wherever her day takes her!

Ok, sorry to be so high maintenance, Santa, but I have one last request and it’s actually for you . . .

Sleep Tight Bundle

After you are done with all your hard work bringing joy to the world on December 24th, please do yourself (and Mrs Claus) a favor to take some quiet time to enjoy some gentle Zzzzzzz’s. With 30ml 750mg CBD, Vegan+Melatonin CBD Gummies, and 100% Hemp Pre-Rolls in this Sleep Tight Bundle, you two will savor rejuvenating and well-earned rest and relaxation, ready to get you going for Christmas 2020!

By the way, it’s really easy as you can find everything on my list here, so Bushy Evergreen, Mary Sugarplum, and the rest of your elves don’t need to bust a gut getting my goodies together (speaking of your team, some CBD Assorted Sour Gummies might really help bring some cheer right now)! And as there's convenient, free shipping, you don't even need to swing by my chimney this year!

So you see, dearest Santa, I am being a good girl and making all the right choices! Maybe by next year, I will 100% make your “Nice” list? With a little CBD in my life, there is most definitely hope!

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