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CBD Cure™ E-Juice produces a gratifying vaping experience while delivering Full Spectrum Hemp-Derived CBD directly into your system.

Our e-juice is specially formulated to be used in any vaping device, and available in four delicious flavors: Melon Medley, Cinnamon Roll, Hawaiian Nectar, and Toffee Cream.

Available in 150mg, 300mg, or 600mg of CBD per bottle, the easy-to-use dropper lid makes refilling your device quick and clean.100% organic, with no artificial flavors and only natural terpenes for great taste and aroma in every inhalation, you'll soon be vaping your stresses away in a little cloud of delicious CBD goodness.

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CBD  Cure - E-Juice Hemp Extract 150mg.j
CBD  Cure - E-Juice Hemp Extract 300mg-1
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